Oneonta Community Health Center


The Oneonta Community Health Center is open Tuesday evenings from 5:30 - 8:00 pm.
Location: 31 Main Street, Oneonta, NY.
Free Primary Healthcare to low income, uninsured adults.

Appointments are necessary to see a medical provider.
Call 607.433.0300 for an appointment. Your call will be returned.

Please bring proof of household income to first appointment.
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The Need for a Free Health Center

Our society is experiencing a health-care crisis. Nationally more than 46 million people have no health insurance. This number increases at a rate of approximately one million per year. An initial assessment revealed that about 16 percent of the population in Otsego and Delaware counties has no health insurance. This affects our whole community. According to the Rural Assistance Center, a rural health and human services information resource center, the uninsured have higher out-of-pocket costs for care; poorer health outcomes than their insured counterparts; and a greater likelihood that easily treatable ailments will go untreated and become serious medical problems. These people are not necessarily unemployed; they are the working poor restaurant staff, small business owners, day laborers, artists, and housecleaners, to name a few. Ultimately the costs are borne by everyone, they are passed along in terms of lost work hours, higher health insurance costs, and greater community health risks.


No community truly can be healthy if a significant portion of the population is excluded from basic medical services. In the absence of a national universal health care policy, concerned citizens need to find other ways to provide the medically under-served with the health care services they lack. Creating a free health center isn't simply the ethical course of action, it's the practical course of action.



Treating the uninsured with compassion and respect.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich our community through serving the health and wellness needs of the uninsured people in Otsego and Delaware counties by providing free, professional, primary health care.

Tour the Health Center

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We are an entirely volunteer-run and volunteer-driven health center. To help, please contact us or visit our Volunteer page here.



Please comment here on how we may improve our health center and our medical services to the community.



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How we can help

  • Eligibility

    Our clients must meet a certain family income level to qualify for services and do not carry health insurance. Details here.

  • Cost

    We are volunteer professionals. All health center services are free to qualified individuals.

  • Geographical reach

    The Oneonta Community Health Center is not limited by geography but primarily available to uninsured residents of greater Oneonta, Otsego and Delaware counties.